Carnival 2021 Cancelled

Hello Everyone.

Last month we reported that we had held our meeting in February and that we were waiting for further Government advice before confirming if we will be holding the Carnival 2021.

We met this week and had a full discussion involving all of the volunteer Committee members around the risks and benefits.

Whilst all members of the Carnival Team really want to be able to put Covid behind us and hold the Carnival, we simply feel that we cannot guarantee the safety of everyone. This decision is in common with many other local and National Carnival organisations.

Whilst we understand that some people will find this disappointing, (and it is not a decision that the Committee wanted to make), we can share some of the areas which we discussed and hope this will allow you to understand the reason for this decision.

Reliance on the Government Roadmap presents risks in itself. Any hiccups in the plan would cause us to make a late call to cancel, costing the Committee and participants wasted money. As you will be aware, the decisions are based on additional data and the published dates are purely the best-case scenario.

With the uncertainty around foreign holiday travel at present, it is anticipated that Cornwall will have a bumper season meaning that the County and the Village will be busier than ever. This would undoubtedly result in a mass gathering within the village if we were to go ahead. We do not feel that we would be responsible to encourage that kind of gathering, nor able to guarantee the safety of both the participants, visitors and local residents.

While the roadmap suggests that restrictions will be lifted by August, there will still be many members of the Community who will not have received their vaccinations, As a Committee, we are unable to offer additional mitigation safety measures such as providing lateral flow tests for participants which are being used in workplaces and at some Sporting events.

Our local businesses are our primary source of sponsorship and we truly appreciate their support. We also know that some of these business have had a significant impact from the Pandemic and this is not the time for us to ask them for sponsorship We do not hold a huge reserve that we can draw on and would rather not burden our local business’ this year, we’d  prefer to allow them to concentrate on getting their business back on track and look forward to arranging the best Carnival ever with their and your support in 2022.


A Brief History

The St. Agnes Carnival tradition dates back many years, to the time when the village streets

would have been lined with miners and fishermen, bal-maidens and fishwives.

Today the St Agnes Carnival is the highlight of the year not only for the people of St Agnes parish but also for holiday-makers, many of whom even book their holidays to coincide with that magic first week in August.

What makes St Agnes Carnival such fun? Well you won’t see expensive corporate floats or elaborate frozen tableaux. You will see lots of fancy dress, local bands and people of all ages having a great time! Clever floats, great ingenuity, even dance routines, all led by the famous Giant Bolster!





How You Can Help Keep The Tradition Alive

If you are a visitor then it’s easy – pick up a leaflet and support any or all of the events you choose. There’s something for everybody. All the family will have a great time and you’ll get a taste of the real Cornwall.

Locals, get your act together and enter the Carnival Procession. Entry forms are available in many of the village stores and it’s never, or almost never, too late to enter.

For those who really want to make a difference there is another option. Join the St. Agnes Carnival Committee. Be part of the team that makes it all happen.

You don’t need experience, just the time to make one meeting a month with a little extra effort in July. You can do it!

If you are not in the procession and would like to help the committee on the day please contact any committee member who will be delighted to accept your support.

Finally a word for our sponsors: The local businesses and organisations who make it all possible. Thank you.